Just Say No To Deprivation feature image

Just Say No To Deprivation

Meri Raffetto

So many times I hear women, frustrated with their current body weight, make statements such as: “I have to stop ...

6 Eating Tips To Improve Your Workout feature image

6 Eating Tips To Improve Your Workout

Meri Raffetto

You’ve been sticking to your exercise program and working out every week. Have you ever experienced those days when your ...

image of man eating

Unconscious Eating Self-Assessment

Meri Raffetto

Are you putting yourself at risk for sabotaging your health goals? Use this tool to evaluate how vulnerable you might ...

snacks after workout

10 Healthy Post Workout Snacks

Meri Raffetto

Did the new year inspire you to get back into shape? As you ease back into a healthy workout routine, ...

eating mindfully

Your Eating Pace – A Closer Look

Meri Raffetto

What determines your eating pace? Do you eat fast or slow? How do you feel after you’ve eaten fast? Whether ...

Magnesium rich foods

Are You Getting Enough Magnesium?

Meri Raffetto

Magnesium may not be a nutrient that you think about very often. But perhaps you should. Dietary surveys suggest that ...

healthy breakfast for travel

Strategies For Eating Healthy When Traveling For Work

Meri Raffetto

Do you have a job that requires a lot of travel that involves living out of hotel rooms and being ...

unhealthy snacks

How To Stop Grazing On Snacks Throughout The Day

Meri Raffetto

Habits are hard to break, but with some thought and planning, you can do it. Grazing on snack foods is ...

bowl of Quinoa


Meri Raffetto

Quinoa has grown greatly in popularity over the last several years. It was once a grain only found in health ...