12 Holiday Treats That Also Provide Healthy Nutrients

Meri Raffetto

12 Holiday Treats That Also Provide Healthy Nutrients feature image

Holiday treats abound this time of year. Instead of trying to restrict yourself from sweets, allow yourself to have a reasonable portion size of your favorite dessert. Some “treat” foods still provide your body with healthy nutrients.

Here are twelve delicious treats that can satisfy your sweet tooth and give you a little boost of vitamins and minerals.

Coconut Oil Blueberry Scones with Rosemary on a baking tray

Treats with fruit

No matter how you slice it, fruit is healthy. Enjoy these yummy treats and get in some fiber too!

No-Bake Peppermint Chocolate Bites from The Lean Green Bean

Coconut Oil Blueberry Scones with Rosemary by the Minimalist Baker

Cranberry Chocolate Chia Cookies by the Hummusapien

Treats with vegetables

I’m not a huge fan of hiding veggies, but when it’s disguised in chocolate, I say no problem! 


Sneaky Chocolate Bundt Cake by Mom’s Kitchen Handbook

Sneaky Ingredient Carrot Cake Muffins by Nutty Nutrition and Fitness

Vegan Chocolate Cake with Avocado Frosting By Nutty Nutrition and Fitness

Sweet Potato Pie Bites by The Nutritionist Reviews

Treats with Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds provide protein, healthy fats and fiber! Eat up!

Spiced Caramelized Pecans by Imagelicious

Treats with dairy or milk substitutes

CREAMY ORANGE BARS on square plate with orange on side

Milk is more than just calcium. Milk and milk alternatives also provide protein and vitamin D if they are fortified. 

Blueberry Pie Cheeseball by Your Choice Nutrition

Fig and Cranberry Brie Tartlets by Sweet Cayenne

Creamy Orange Bars by Your Choice Nutrition

Eggnog Protein Shake by The Fit Cookie

Bring along one of these healthier treats to your next holiday party!


  • Meri Raffetto

    Meri Raffetto was the original founder of Real Living Nutrition. A triplet mom and author of the Glycemic Index Diet for Dummies and coauthor of the Glycemic Index Cookbook for Dummies, and Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Dummies.