12 Healthy Recipes With Minimal Prep Work That Will Make Your Life Easier

Meri Raffetto

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Do you ever find recipes labeled “easy” can still be time-consuming? The other night I was putting together a casserole, which was very simple but by the time I cooked the rice, chopped all the vegetables and cut up my chicken it took about an hour of prep work.

I know for myself as well as what our clients report, the amount of time it takes to put a meal together is often as important as the ease of skills. A recipe may be incredibly simple but if it takes 25 minutes or more to prep it may be a difficult one to pull together for a busy week night.

I’ve also noticed many food blogs tend to underestimate prep time. I’ve seen countless recipes that state 5 min of prep but then instruct you to chop 4 or more vegetables. I cook a lot and I can’t wash and chop that many veggies in 5 min so I know anyone who’s venturing into cooking for the first time may also struggle with this as well.

Personally on busy days I prefer a longer cooking time than a lot of prep work. I can easily throw a few ingredients in a crock pot or in a pot on the stove top and be free to help my kids with homework or get some household chores done.

I asked some of my fellow blogger friends to share some of their favorite minimal-prep-work recipes to provide some inspiration for week day meals. Give some of these recipes a try to get healthy snacks and meals on the table in little time.



Cherry Oatmeal Bowl by Amy Gorin Nutrition


Baked Eggs with Kale and Herbs by Real Living Nutrition



Two Ingredient High Protein Cottage Cheese Berry Ice via Abbey’s Kitchen


Lemon Herb White Bean Dip by Dietitian Debbie Dishes


Pistachio Trout-1

Pistachio Crusted Trout by Real Living Nutrition


Apple Pork Loin in the Slow Cooker by Whole Food Real Families


Easy Curried Noodles with Tofu by Karla Lydon



Pea Soup with Rosemary and Thyme by Real Living Nutrition


Slow Cooker BBQ Chili by  The Nutritionist Reviews


Heirloom Bean and Spinach Soup by Shaw Simple Swaps

Oooo Baby, it’s Chili Inside by Chef up to the Plate



Arugula Salad with Strawberries, Radishes, Macadamia Nuts and Gorgonzola Dressing by Italicana Kitchen


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