Natural Weight Loss Makeover: An 8-Step Program to Looking and Feeling Your Best


Dear Friend,


If you could lose weight in a natural way while also improving your sense of wellbeing and health, would you jump at the opportunity to do so? I bet you would.

We all want to look our best, be healthy, and feel attractive. These things are important at any age. Achieving these results is possible and you don't have to succumb to unsafe diets and gimmicks.

Following the Balance Program, working one on one with your dietitian provides a solution so you will see long lasting results and feel your best in a healthy way.

We know that weight gain often creeps up on us slowly. It happens for a variety of reasons...

  • we become more sedentary as we get older
  • our metabolism changes
  • hormonal changes
  • life gets busy with career and family
  • difficulty losing baby weight after pregnancies
  • emotional/stress eating
  • medical issues

We allow the weight to get up to a certain point. That point is different for everyone. It is that place where you begin to feel uncomfortable with your body and often frustrated. You may feel uncomfortable in your clothes or you may even experience low endurance, and decreased energy. Sometimes health problems begin to arise such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Does this sound like you?

You see, gaining weight comes down to your lifestyle being out of balance for your unique needs. There are certain things we can't change like genetics, but there are many other things we can change. When we are out of balance it leads to:

  • increased calorie intake
  • decreased metabolism
  • unstable blood sugar
  • increased food cravings
  • increased appetite
  • mood swings
  • stress
  • increased emotional eating

These are all things that contribute to weight gain or maintaining an undesirably high weight.

When we are in balance we:

  • feel satisfied throughout the day with fewer or no food cravings
  • enjoy all foods within a desired calorie range
  • experience better moods
  • stabilize blood sugar
  • optimize our metabolic rate

which all result in weight loss and/or maintaining a desirable weight.

We want to share with you strategies and tools to help you make lifestyle changes so you can find your way to being in balance to lose weight and keep it off.


Good Bye Diets, Hello Lifestyle Changes

The times of "going on a diet" are over. Thank goodness! This has truly proven to be an unsuccessful approach and 95% of dieters regain their weight back. Why? Traditional weight loss diets provide short term fixes. When people stop dieting, they gain the weight back. To make matters worse, crash diets actually cause you to gain MORE body fat and decrease your metabolism. This means that each time you "stop and start dieting," it gets harder and harder to lose weight and easier to gain weight. The key to success is to create lifestyle changes that you can live with. It is a shift from your old way of responding to food to the new you - and we can help you get there!

It doesn't matter if you have 10 pounds or 60 plus pounds to lose, your dietitian will help you find strategies that work for you.

Wouldn't it be great to get professional guidance and coaching without all the judgement? The dieting world expects you to be perfect. We don't. We know that challenges and setbacks occur as part of the process and will help you to move forward in a supportive environment.

What kinds of challenges? Life! We get busy, lose focus, and hold on to our dear old habits. It takes more than just counting and following a plan to overcome some obstacles. For example:

Ann is a 38 y/o mother of two who is fairly active, loves cooking and has yo-yoed 15 pounds for the last 10 years. Although she was choosing healthy foods, she was eating too much of certain food groups without even knowing it. This imbalance of the foods she was eating led her to have an increased appetite and triggered food cravings throughout the day. She also had a lifelong habit of eating sweets in the evening approaching it as all or nothing. She would either deprive herself or eat the entire box of cookies. Working with Ann, we provided an easy to use meal planning guide so she can see clearly how much she is eating each day, helped her to identify the "all or nothing syndrome" and worked together to find strategies that were realistic for her. By identifying these areas that were out of balance she could focus her energy on the main issues.

Results: she lost 15 pounds and has even maintained her weight loss through two vacations. She reports that she can plan her own meals with ease and it has become auto-pilot for her and her "all or nothing" syndrome is a thing of the past. She made the shift and replaced her old habits with new ones that support her weight loss.

Leann is 52 and almost gave up hope on weight loss. She had a scare when her doctor told her that her blood sugar was elevated. Leann's mother has diabetes and this was a real concern for her. All the diet information was too conflicting and she wanted professional help. Again we were able to work with her to identify the areas that were out of balance for her. We helped her break it down into simple steps so she could work on a few areas at a time. It was crucial for her to have accurate information based on science and not gimmicks so she could make changes that would help her to lower her blood sugar levels as well as lose weight in a safe way.

Results: she has now lost 40 pounds and her blood sugar is within normal limits. She is also confident in meal planning and is exercising (and enjoying it) more regularly than ever before. The shift from old habits to new habits happened for her too.

It can also happen for you...


Our process is unique

The unique thing about our process is you work regularly with your own dietitian who will help you identify the areas where you are in balance and those that are out of balance. They also provide regular coaching and guidance every week to help you make changes to reach your weight loss goals.

If you are looking for:

  • the convenience, privacy and flexibility of an online service.
  • simple skills that you can easily adapt into your lifestyle that will promote weight loss.
  • behavior modification strategies to help you get through obstacles so you can reach long term results.
  • professional advice and coaching that empowers you to move forward instead of judging your setbacks.
  • a program that encourages lifestyle changes, working on individual goals rather than following a diet.
  • a way to hit your goal weight in a healthy and natural way and keep it off for good.


Then you've come to the right place. At Real Living Nutrition, we practice evidence based guidelines and follow research of those who have lost weight and kept it off. We have compiled all this information with personal interaction and regular coaching.

The Balance Program offers you one-on-one nutrition coaching with a licensed dietitian. Have regular "office meetings" with your own personal nutritionist...conducted in a convenient, private online setting!

I'm very encouraged by the fact that I weighed myself this morning, and I seem to have lost 7 pounds since I signed up for this program. The funny thing is that I've only been doing these small things - I haven't skipped any meals or forced strange foods into my diet - just the little things. I like it!


The Balance Program Overview

The Balance Program is our core program at Real Living Nutrition. It is an online program that empowers individuals to improve their health and achieve lasting weight-loss results. This program focuses on balanced nutrition and exercise and provides regular coaching and monitoring to keep you on track with your weight loss goals for a one time fee.

If you are serious about becoming educated and adopting healthy eating habits that will permanently change your life...


If you want to lose the weight and keep it off - without gimmicky diets or rigid menu plans...

Sign up for the Balance Program from Real Living Nutrition today!

The Balance Program is not a "diet"

Instead, it is a comprehensive process where you will receive a detailed diet and lifestyle assessment, 8 e-coaching sessions with your dietitian, and an online workbook broken into an 8-step process. You are encouraged to go at your own pace to learn about your body, nutrition, and what kinds of changes are right for you. You will:

  • Set weekly goals to build new habits that result in a calorie deficit, increased metabolism, and weight loss.
  • Develop new habits so you will keep the weight off.
  • Do it on your own with simple steps, tools and support to get you started.

The Balance Program is an online program that provides information for losing weight the right way... and keeping it off.


I just want to thank you for these last nine weeks. Since working with you, I'm more focused on eating healthy... not dieting!!!! What a change for me... someone who has been dieting since high school! Your support and encouragement have taken me to a new place in my relationship with food.

-Lisa Kendall

The Balance Program- Benefits

Tailored especially for you. This is not a "one size fits all" diet plan. Instead, you will receive a personal assessment and a comprehensive plan based on information you share with your dietitian.

Private and confidential. Your online sessions will be conducted in the privacy of your own membership setting, between you and your dietitian. If you don't feel like sharing, no one else has to know! No private information is shared via email. You have your own mailbox inside the program.

Personal goal development. Your weight loss goals

are totally different from someone else's. Your dietitian will work with you to determine how to proceed in a way that makes practical sense for you and gets you real results.

Your own homepage and online meal diary. Log in, review your health assessment, explore educational tools, and much more. You'll even have your own "email inbox" to ask questions and receive expert feedback. You will also have the opportunity to share your meal diary with your dietitian for review.

Regular feedback, tips and encouragement. Each week you

will receive a new motivational tip designed around the vision you create during Week One of our program. You will be able to view your results, track your goals, and interact privately with your dietitian.

Flexibility and portability. Go at your own pace and get what you need without leaving your own home. Although there are nine e-coaching sessions, you have the flexibility to linger on a particular week if you feel the need. Making change is a process. You are empowered to take the time and do what you need to do for success.

Overall improved health. Many clients have reported lower cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Ultimately, this means decreased risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes for people who learn to make permanent changes in their diets and exercise habits.

Lifetime support. This isn't a short term program where you sign up and move on afterwards. We know long term support is needed throughout your weight loss journey. You can use all of our tools forever with no monthly feels. You can also purchase discounted e-coaching sessions with your dietitian whenever you need support. You and your dietitian will develop a relationship so you can get the support you need at any time.


You really are an inspiration! The energy and love that you have for what you do shows and you have helped me to really make sense of my world. I have been dealing with issues around food and self esteem for so long that I sometimes gave up on thinking that there would ever be light at the end of the tunnel. I have really enjoyed the Balance Program and it is helping me to make changes where I can and forgive myself for my set backs. I am now down to my goal weight and I know I can maintain it now.

-Marla Fruit
9 Mile Falls, WA

It's not just about the pants.

Losing weight the right way is critical to long-term success. And knowing the best way for you to lose weight and keep it off means more than just getting into a smaller pants size. When you make positive adjustments to your lifestyle and behavior, your whole world changes. You:

  • Look and feel better.
  • Have more energy and less of a need to crash during your down time.
  • Have a greater ability to enjoy and participate in your life.
  • Lower your cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Move easier and exercise with less effort.
  • Lower your stress level.
  • Decrease your mood swings.
  • Increase your self-esteem.
  • Improve your skin.
  • Improve your body image.


Learn about your needs.

Everyone is different -- different ages, hormones, metabolisms, health risks, personalities, habits, histories and relationships with food. A personalized program that addresses your specific needs is critical to your success. Using The Balance Program, we'll help you learn about what changes are right for your unique situation and provide you simple, step by step strategies.


Now, make a change. 

Rest assured, you don't need to change everything. Surely many of your habits are wonderful and you'll want to build on those. We'll use what you've learned about your habits and hang-ups and design an action plan tailored to your individual needs and long-term success goals.


You don't have to do it alone.

Making significant long-term lifestyle changes isn't always easy. Questions arise and personal guidance is necessary -- both for motivation and information. As part of The Balance Program, one of our experts will help you, giving you one-on-one attention every step of the way.

All of our registered dietitians specialize in weight loss and behavior modification to assure you are getting the most accurate and personalized information available, as well as the time, space, advice and coaching you need to reach your goals.


The Balance Program Membership- What You Get


The Balance Program is an online education program focusing on making real-life changes to lose weight once and keep it off. With your one-time fee, you get:

Detailed Balance Assessment. Your Registered Dietitian provides you a two- to three-page report including:

  • A summary of where you are now showing you areas that are in balance and those that are out of balance which may contribute to weight gain, food cravings, or emotional eating triggers.
  • A diet makeover to show you how to makeover a typical day
  • A personalized health and action plan to work towards getting into balance


Eight E-coaching Sessions. Your dietitian answers your questions, provides personal attention and support regarding any specific challenges. This is more than just e-mailing questions and getting an answer a few days - or weeks - later. Your sessions are one-on-one so you can discuss all aspects of your progress - your challenges, wins, as well as your questions. You can even have your food records reviewed weekly if you'd like. This process mimicks an office visit for a third of the cost and you can do your sessions when you have time.

To help you reach your goal, you will work with the same dietitian throughout the program so you build a relationship. Your dietitian is dedicated to your success. You can choose your own dietitian by visiting the about us page.

Online Interactive Workbook divided into 8 Steps. Topics include:

  • Long-term results. One Step to Help Stay Focused and Motivated for the Long-Haul.
  • Goal-Building. Learn to change habits and so you can achieve success.
  • Three Simple Steps to Balanced Meals for Weight Loss. Whether you're eating at home, a restaurant or on the road. Once you learn how to meal plan with these simple steps you will always keep yourself within an appropriate calorie level to lose weight and keep it off. This is the easiest way to bridge the gap between following menus and learning how to easily incorporate it into your normal routine.
  • A Food Guide. Shows you what foods you can eat every day, once in a while, and on special occasions. Keep in mind, there are no good, bad, right or wrong foods here! We show you how to balance all foods in your diet. Do you love chocolate? steak? bread? We will show you how to incorporate these foods and still lose weight and stay healthy.
  • Food Cravings. Did you know there are physiological and psychological triggers for food cravings? We'll help you identify what is triggering your food cravings and develop strategies to over come them.
  • Metabolism Boost. Your New Secret Weapon: How to Increase Your Metabolic Rate and keep it up all day so you can burn more calories. We'll even show you certain foods that can increase your metabolic rate and curb your appetite.
  • Ingredients for Success. The Truth Behind Food Labels: How to Choose the Right Products and watch out for certain ingredients that may lead you to gain weight.
  • Keeping the Right Foods in Stock. To help you make quick, healthy meals in five minutes.
  • Emotional and Mood Eating. Tackle the problem, one step at a time and learn strategies to turn unconscious eating into conscious eating.
  • Exercise Support. Create a program that works for you and helps you burn calories more efficiently. It's not just about how much you exercise it's about how you exercise that makes the difference.

Discounts on continued e-coaching sessions.

Once you have completed your initial 8 sessions you can continue to get support from your dietitian for as long as you want. You can even check in once a month if you'd like to keep up support and momentum. You keep the same dietitian who you built a relationship with so they know your situation best. Members receive a discounted rate - $30 savings on each session!



You receive a bi-monthly newsletter with weight loss how-to's, product reviews, and healthy recipes.


Balance Program Bonuses - Free Tools For Life!

With your membership you will get the opportunity to use some of our helpful online tools, designed to aid you in your weight loss goals. Some of these tools include:

(value: $175)

  • Weekly motivational tips to keep you going
  • Food journals
  • Interactive Goals Tracker
  • Self Discovery Library
  • Meal Planning Guides
  • BMI measurements
  • Exercise Demos (strength training, circuit training, routines for people on the run)
  • Pilates Video (15 minute video you can do anywhere! Lose inches, build your core and create long, lean muscles)


Free Gift!

(value: $24)

All Balance Program clients get a free copy of our Healthy Living E-cookbook and Restaurant Guide, loaded with great healthy recipes, quick meal ideas and information about what are the best choices at certain kinds of restaurants.

Remember, we have a one time fee for a lifetime membership so once you are a member you can utilize the tools for as long as you want.



Balance Program Testimonials

Some of our past clients wanted to tell you what their favorite parts of the Balance membership are...

I really valued the weekly e-counseling; My dietitian's suggestions and feedback are awesome. Not only does she have extensive knowledge about health and nutrition, but she really understands the triggers and pitfalls that I face, and she gave me practical approaches for dealing with them.  Plus it's convenient to submit my questions or read my feedback at any hour of the day. I really love that this program has helped me to become my healthiest self ever!

- Bridget A.

I think my favorite part of the program is having access to an RD (Registered Dietitian) to answer my questions and review my food journals for balance of choices, etc. I also enjoy the convenience of e-coaching from home as opposed to having to make an appointment, drive to an office, and sit for a half hour to an hour (too time intensive).  I learned something new with each session and the list of goals has taught me what I should be striving for in a balanced diet and lifestyle. 

- Karen K.


Tell them about the e-cookbook and the wonderful, healthy recipes included in the program.

- Linda Hathaway

I really loved that even when I have setbacks, I now have learned how to get back on track without all the old hang-ups or sabotaging my efforts...I just see that I’ve slipped up and move on! It's also great that I can "check in" with my dietitian when I need support whenever I want at such a low price. This has made all the difference with maintaining my weight loss.

- Marla Fruit

Tell them about the personalized review of their current meals, what an eye opener! They will also love the section on what to look for when shopping for convenience foods, very freeing to know that these foods can be healthy.

- Stefanie Zizzo

I really loved learning how making small changes can have significant results. Oh, and be sure to tell them how you teach about REAL portion sizes.  This was an eye opener!!!

- Ann Etheridge

Here's What it Costs...

An online program is the most affordable way to get professional interaction. Most dietitians charge around $100/hour and all the information included in our program would easily take around 10 hours of time. Many professionally run weight loss programs through hospitals and medical spas cost between $500-$3,500. 

When you sign up for the Balance Program Membership from Real Living Nutrition, you get

- our detailed Balance Assessment,

- diet makeover

- weight loss action plan

- Online workbook broken into an 8 step process,

- 8 e-coaching sessions with your dietitian

- plus unlimited use of our free tools (goals tracker, food journals, self-discovery library, menu planning guides, cookbook, restaurant guide, and healthy recipes)

all for a one-time membership fee: $225

You can continue to use the tools on the site, review your lessons, and utilize your goal tracker for as long as you need. You can see the cost savings an online program can provide.

Real Living can give you the personal and professional guidance a book can't. It's a one-time investment in a program designed to help you reach real weight loss goals, and then keep the weight off.

Fast forward a year from now and imagine living your healthiest life, having the body that you want, feeling attractive, more energy and overall sense of wellbeing. It all starts with the first steps.

Ready to get started?

We are. Let us help you change your habits, change your health, change your life.

start today


Have Questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions Page Here

If you want to talk to someone in-person...
We want this membership to be the perfect fit for your needs and are happy to answer any questions you may have and/or provide you assistance with matching you with one of our dietitians. Contact us at info@reallivingnutrition.com or call (919) 744-9595.


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